Welcome to ETRC!

The English Teaching Resource Center (ETRC) was created by the U.S. Embassy and “I. Creanga” State Pedagogical University in collaboration with the British Embassy to Moldova. It is a multi-media center created to help English teachers improve their knowledge of English, to assist them in developing their lessons and classroom teaching skills, and to promote communication and professional association among English language teachers across the republic.

In the beautifully remodeled ETRC, teachers can:

  • read the latest books on English teaching methods,
  • find authentic English language materials,
  • plan their lessons and network with EFL colleagues.

Also, ETRC organizes some trainings for professional development of the English teachers from the entire republic 3 times a year. The trainings take place during the vacation period in fall, spring and summer. The participation is free of charge, preliminary registration is required as the number of places is limited. The main sponsor is the US Embassy in Chisinau.

The English Teaching Resource Center is open free of charge to all English language teachers in Moldova.It is the place where teachers find experts in the language who can answer their questions, help with lesson planning, and provide tips on how to make teaching effective and easy.

It is also a place where teachers can make themselves heard and hear others, where they can relax and meet friends and colleagues.
ETRC is open 5 days a week, Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

ETRC Coordinators, Irina Cuzminih and Larisa Guzun are always glad to help you.